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Confucius Institute at GROUP T - Academy participated in “Chinese Language Day” on-line Activities

中文是联合国指定的六种国际官方语言文字之一,联合国将“中文日”定在中国农历二十四节气之“谷雨”,以纪念中华文字始祖仓颉造字的贡献。2020年4月19日,我们迎来了联合国第十一个中文日。但当下,新型冠状病毒疫情肆虐全球,成为全人类共同面对的挑战。今年的“中文日”,“中文联盟”平台(开展了线上活动,征集和展示中文创意视频,旨在携手全球中文学习者,互相鼓励,坚持学习,共克时艰。 鲁汶孔子学院积极响应“中文联盟”的号召,鼓励学生用中文学习创意一起度过这个特殊的“中文日”,共有5名学生提交了自己的创意视频作品有中文古诗朗诵,如意大利的陶薇雅Silvia Toro朗诵的《诗经·秦风·无衣》、比利时的白威廉William Possemiers朗诵的《相思》和宋希萌Simone Song朗诵的《咏鹅》;有翻译成中文的俄罗斯诗歌朗诵,如俄罗斯学生高卫Alexey Podkovskiy分享的《无题》;也有中文歌曲演唱,如印度学生古斯达Koustabh Dolui演唱的《月亮代表我的心》。

Chinese is one of the six official languages of United Nations. In order to paying tribute to Cangjie who created Chinese, the United Nations has selected Guyu, one of 24 solar terms in Lunar calendar, as the "Chinese Language Day". We are honored to celebrate the 11th Chinese Language Day on April 19th, 2020. Since the epidemic of COVID-19 has been raging all over the world and become a challenge faced by all, the "Chinese Plus"( hosted an online campaign to celebrate this year's "Chinese Language Day" by collecting and showcasing creative videos on Chinese language. This online campaign aims to encourage all Chinese learners across the world to support each other, carry on learning, and to overcome the current crisis.

The Confucius Institute at the GROUP T - Academy actively responded to the call of the "Chinese Alliance" and encouraged students to celebrate this special "Chinese Language Day" with creativity. A total of 5 students submitted their own creative videos: there are Chinese poetry recitations, such as the "Book of Songs - Qin Feng - Wu Yi", recited by Italian student Silvia Toro, as well as poems "Love Seeds" and " Ode to the Goose" recited respectively by Belgian students William Possemiers and Simone Song , there is a translated Russian poetry recitation—"Untitled", shared by Russian student Alexey Podkovskiy who only started learning Chinese two months ago. There is also a very popular Chinese song—"The Moon Represents My Heart" sung by Indian student Koustabh Dolui.

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