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Confucius Institute at Group T - Academy


Confucius Institute in Leuven, Belgium is the first Confucius Institute that was established overseas by Beijing Jiaotong University. Based on the preliminary agreement signed on 24th April 2006 and 22nd September 2006, Leuven Engineering College (Group T) and the Confucius Institute Headquarters signed a cooperation agreement on December 11, 2007 to formally establish Group T Confucius Institute, with Beijing Jiaotong University as the specific implementation of the Chinese institutions.


On 20th November 2008, the opening ceremony of the Confucius Institute at Group T in Belgium was held in Leuven. Zhang Yuanyuan,Chinese ambassador in Belgium, Louis Tobback, Mayor of Leuven,  Ning Bin, President of the Beijing Jiaotong University, Johan De Graeve, President of Group T, experts and scholars from all walks of life in Belgium, businessmen in China, Foreign students and so on more than 300 people attended the opening ceremony.


From 18th to 20th October 2009, the first European Conference of Confucius Institutes was successfully held in Leuven, Belgium. The conference was hosted by the Confucius Institute Headquarters, together with Confucius Institute at Group T and the Chinese Embassy in Belgium. More than 20 European countries from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, 13 of the Confucius Institute host universities from China, as well as part of the Belgian universities, business, political, nearly 200 representatives attended the meeting.


On 11th December 2009, at the Fourth Global Confucius Institute Conference held at the Beijing National Convention Center, the Confucius Institute at Leuven, jointly organized by Group T, Belgium, was awarded the prestigious title of the Confucius Institute.

    In 2013, Group T merged into the University of Leuven, and Chairman of the Council of Confucius Institute Johan De Graeve founded the GROUP T – Academy,University of Leuven.


On 15th September 2015, Xu Lin, Director General of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, and Johan De Graeve, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the GROUP T-Academy, University of Leuven, Belgium, signed the Agreement on Cooperation in the Establishment of the Confucius Institute at GROUP T-Academy. Under the agreement, the Confucius Institute Headquarters authorized and entrusted Beijing Jiaotong University as a Chinese implementing agency to establish a Confucius Institute in cooperation with GROUP T-Academy.


On 6th December 2015, Ning Bin, President of Beijing Jiaotong University and Johan De Graeve, CEO and Chairman of Group T-Academy, signed the "Agreement on the Cooperative Construction of the Confucius Institute at Group T-Academy".


On 3rd February 2016, the Confucius Institute headquarters issued "The letter about Hanban's dispatch of Deng Xinhua to Confucius Institute at GROUP T-Academy as the Chinese Director", school had begun the procedures of sending the Chinese Director .


On 29th September 2016, Chinese Director Deng Xinhua formally arrived.

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