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2023 "CHINESE BRIDGE" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Students - Belgium Final

On May 6 -- Several students from Belgian primary, secondary and highereducation were awarded at the Belgian final round of a Chinese languageskills competition here on Saturday. They will be Belgium's representativesfor this year's "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition.The Belgian final round was organized by the Chinese Embassy in Belgiumand undertook by Confucius Institute at GROUP T-Acedemy. 47 studentsfrom different schools in Belgium, accompanied by their parents, friends and acquaintances, took part in the competition.

This competition "has become an important platform for Chinese hobbyistsaround the globe to communicate with each other and test what they havelearned, playing a significant role in promoting mutual learning betweendifferent cultures and forging closer bonds between people of different

countries," said Chinese Ambassador to Belgium Cao Zhongming.


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