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Competition of Chinese Zodiac Design of the Rabbit Year 2023


To welcome the coming Chinese Lunar Year of Rabbit 2023, our Confucius Institute at GROUP T – Academy and the International Office of Campus GROUP T- KU Leuven will organize a Chinese Zodiac Design Competition. We believe that the creativities of participants, inspired by their understanding and imagination of Chinese culture with the theme of "Rabbit", will make this competition more colorful.

Confucius Institute at GROUP T - Academy & International Office of Campus GROUP T- KU Leuven


The Rabbit Year 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese lunar calendar. This gentle and kind rabbit is revered as auspicious animal in folk customs, and it is a symbol of purity and beauty. Rabbit has a strong vitality, which means endless life, many offspring, long life and auspiciousness.


Each participant is invited to present maximum 3 designs with minimum 2M pixels of each and submit them by e-mail.

Each non-electronic design should be firstly scanned or photographed and then sent to The original(s) will be submitted to Confucius Institute at GROUP T – Academy, Andreas Vesaliusstraat 13, 3000 Leuven. 


The names of jury members will be revealed soon.  


  1. November 14 – December 9, 2022, submission of designs (to:

  2. December 10 – 14, 2022  selection and evaluation of the designs

  3. December 15, 2022  award ceremony and reception

  4. December 16-December 23, 2022, we will organize an exhibition with all the submitted designs of Rabbit



a.  First Prize x 1,      value of 1 x 100 EURO

b.  Second Prize x 2,  value of 2 x 50 EURO
c.  Third Prize x 3,     value of 3 x 25 EURO

Award ceremony timing and venue:

On December 15, 2022, at the Atrium of Campus Group T - KU Leuven


Important Information:

  1. All designs should be made by participants themselves. Organizers are not responsible for any infringement of intellectual property rights.

  2. The organizers keep the right of utilizing the submitted designs for non-profit purposes.



Tele: +32 16301124


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