Here you can find our upcoming events: 

2019 Celebration of the Confucius Institute Day

2019 Dragon Boat Festival

2019 Chinese New Year Gala: Year of the Pig

2019 Chinese New Year Concert: Listening to the Qin

2018 Chinese Stamp Exhibition - CHINA GREAT CHANGE


2018 Mid-Autumn Festival Gala
2018 Dragon Boat Festival
2018 Brought Sichuan Cuisine in Leuven's Student Cafeteria
2018 Chinese New Year Gala

Location: KU Leuven Campus Group T
Starting time: 17:00

China Stamp Exhibition


Time: 27th Sep 2017

Location:Andreas Vesaliusstraat 13, 3000 Leuven


Time: 19:00u, 30-Sep-2017

Location: Rue de la Régence 30, 1000 Bruxelles

2017 Mid-autumn Concert



video from: Yu-Fen's Music Kitchen

The Paradise of Dreams


Leuvense Chinezen vieren 'jaar van de haan'

video from: ROB TV



GROUPT's Chinaproject is a study trip through China for third year bachelor students. This short clip gives an overview of the EM Chongqing group during edition 2014.

video from: Jan Van Hemelen

Demonstration Great Wall Chinese software.


This is a little demonstration movie I made for my college to demonstrate the software they use in their summer course Chinese.
The light isn't great, the screen isn't ideal but video says what it had to say. And there was some time pressure (prepare, shoot, edit in 6 hours).

Sony DCR-PC120 | Apple FinalCut Express

Video from:  Tim Winters